How To Search

DiaL enables you to search any relevant articles just by selecting Keywords, Author name and Year of issue. You can further elaborate the search results by making use of space and/or slash keys on the board additionally and also by inputting any other specific conditions.

Basic Operations

Firstly, type in the Keyword and click "Search" frame. Then, the page(s) of the listed articles will be displayed within a few seconds. There will appear on the top of the page a message showing the number of relevant articles retrieved from the database on the Keyword subject. The summary details of the article can be traced by clicking each small check-box on the extreme left.


Input the Keyword to reach the titles, summaries, names of the authors and journals on the Keyword subject.


Input a particular name of the author to get a list of all the articles by the same writer. Please place one space between his(her) first name and family name.


By selecting any specific number(s) of year(s), you can get a list of all articles on any subjects published in the same year(s). In case you want to select plural years, please specify numbers of both beginning and end of the years.

How To Refine Your Search Results

Enter words of your desired search in the Keyword frame on the Search Result page and click the “Refine” below to get the result. You can enter new words for further searches up to 3 times.

Advanced Search Method

More than two specific words can be inserted in Keyword and Author frames to obtain more accurate search results.

AND Search

You can search any article which includes both of two Keywords or all three ones. Just specify no more than three words at one time, placing a Space among each word.( Example: dementia test )

OR Search

You can search any article which includes either one of two or three Keywords. Just specify no more than three words at one time, placing a Slash mark among each word. ( Example: dementia/depression/schizophrenia )

NOT Search

You can search any article which includes one Keyword and not another.Place NOT and Space between the two words.( Example: dementia NOT depression )


You can combine the above three types of searches by putting brackets as the following example. (please place one Space in both ends of the bracket) Example: ( dementia test ) depression

Display of Search Result Numbers

The number of listed searches can be selected by 30, 50 and 100 respectively. Firstly, when you enter Keyword and then click the Search frame, the number of all relative articles will be shown as NUMBER. You can limit this Number to 30, 50 or 100 by putting the number of your choice in the frame at the bottom of Search Result page.

Other Points to Note

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